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It's Spring Cleaning Time! - ABQ Gold & Silver

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

When cleaning out drawers and closets and finding jewelry that hasn’t been worn in years, it may be time to consider selling those pieces. Not sure what they’re worth? We can help. Our three graduate gemologists are experts in diamonds, gems and assessing the value of all types of jewelry. We provide our confidential assessments at no cost to you.We are happy to make house calls—either to your house or your bank’s safety deposit box. That way you don’t have to worry about driving with your valuables.

We have the most secondary market experience of any jeweler in New Mexico. Why that’s important to you is that we have been buying, selling and trading jewelry for more than 37 years. We can accurately tell you the value of your pieces and whether or not there is a market for them.

Spring cleaning is a great time to say “Out with the Old and ” “In with the New”. Upgrade your old jewelry write papers for something new that you’ll love and wear all the time.

Give us a call at (505) 872-1500 to set up a house call or stop by at 7101 Menaul Blvd. NE.