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Native American Jewelry Albuquerque | ABQ Gold & Silver
Custom Jewelry Albuquerque

Native American Jewelry Albuquerque

Authentic Native American Jewelry Albuquerque

Look to ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange for beautiful, handcrafted Native American Indian jewelry from the Southwest. All of the Native American Indian jewelry we sell is handcrafted with sterling silver or gold, and precious and semi-precious stones.

Native American Jewelry Albuquerque
Albuquerque Coral Native Jewelry

Impressive Selection of Native American Jewelry in Albuquerque

At ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange we have an impressive collection of Native American jewelry in Albuquerque including cuffs, squash blossoms, concho belts, beads, necklaces, rings, earrings, bolos, belt buckles, pendants, and far more. Our Native jewelry showcases beautiful examples of natural turquoise. We have gorgeous Kingman, Bisbee, Morenci, Number 8, Royston, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

We buy Native American Jewelry in the center of the Southwest. If you would like to sell your Native American jewelry in Albuquerque, or learn more about the jewelry you already own, we would be happy to help you. Bring your jewelry by anytime, at no charge to you.

Because we buy Native American jewelry at ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange, we have an exhaustive selection of Old Pawn, Zuni inlay, Micro-inlay, Appliqué, Overlay, and Contemporary Native American jewelry for sale.

Our large Native American jewelry inventory is cataloged and for sale on eBay. Peruse the variety and exceedingly unique pieces for sale, and if you live locally, give us a call at 505-872-1500. Set up a time when you can stop by the ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange showroom to see the pieces you are considering purchasing. Jewelry always makes a strong impression when you can try it on. We buy, sell, and trade Native American jewelry every day in Albuquerque.